The new photographers of Magnum Photos

Photo agency Magnum Photos recently announced the new photographers of 2020. Every year, the Annual General Meeting (AGM) is held to look ahead to the coming year and vote on potential new members, prospective members (associates) and nominees. As a cooperative, Magnum Photos owns the member-photographers and has been working with this system since its foundation in 1947. This year the AGM did not take place at a central location but from home, using video calls.

This year's five new nominees are: 

  • Khalik Allah (USA)
  • Sabiha Çimen (Turkey)
  • Colby Deal (USA)
  • Yael Martínez (Mexico)
  • Hannah Price (USA)

The status of the following Magnum photographers has changed:

  • Sohrab Hura has become a member
  • Lorenzo Meloni has become a member
  • Gregory Halpern has become an aspiring member
  • Rafal Milach has become an aspiring member
  • Lua Ribeira has become an aspiring member
  • Lindokuhle Sobekwa has become an aspiring member
  • Emin Özmen has become an aspiring member.

On this page: a selection with images of the seven new members and prospective members.

Click here to see the images
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