The people of the Ducdalfstraat by Pascal Ollegott

Photographer Pascal Ollegott (1970-2016) made a report on the residents of the Scheveningen Ducdalfstraat in 1997 as a graduation project. He spent six months with them and created a unique insight into life on this street. The series was nominated for the Zilveren Camera and a number of photos have been published in the weekly magazine Nieuwe Revu. Meanwhile the Ducdalfstraat no longer exists, the street in Scheveningen is now called the Kompasstraat. In 2002 the houses were demolished and made way for new buildings.

Ollegott suffered from depression from an early age. As he got older this disease got more and more grip on his life. After 2010 he didn't photograph much, in his private life he had trouble finding his way. In October 2016 he ended his life. 

ANP / Hollandse Hoogte digitized and managed part of his collection in 2019. The graduation project and a story about Pascal and his photography was then included in the photo magazine Hollandse Beelden. Read part of that story, written by Michiel Hartzuiker, below.

"On his first visit to the street he walked around like a photographer, cameras visible around his neck. "He was almost lynched", remembers Ilona Ollegott, Pascal's sister. "I said, go without a camera first. They don't trust and like what you do." So her brother went back, making contacts, talking, explaining about his exam at the Royal Academy of Art, about his desire to make a positive image of Ducdalfstraat. Ollegott came to the residents' home, he sat with them in the pub, went fishing at sea. When you see his images, you know that they had forgotten about him and his camera, the Scheveningers who tried to hold their own in a society that didn't want them".

View the images here
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