Domestic adventures

The heat wave in the Netherlands is a fact. For a week, temperatures of 37 degrees per day are not excluded. Enough reason to go out in your own country: campsites are fully booked, there is a run on motorhomes and caravans and the crowds along the beaches are visible everywhere. Because of the heat, the RIVM has proclaimed the National Heat Plan - everyone is advised to drink enough, not to exert themselves and to seek shade.

Met kinderen op pad

Many children's activities are cancelled this summer due to the corona crisis. Enough reason to look for alternative ways to make the holiday a success: look for water in the backyard or an outdoor pool, visit grandparents more often or organize a bike ride with the family in the region.

Trend: sustainable traveling

Research by TUI shows that 62% of Dutch travellers want a more sustainable holiday. How the hotel deals with food and waste is important for 62%. That's even 70% in the group 60-80 years.

Bekijk hier de beelden
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