The Beatles in Amsterdam

On 17 August 1960 The Beatles held their first performance at the Indra, a music club in the St. Pauli district of Hamburg. Nearly four years later, on June 5, 1964, The Beatles arrived in Amsterdam as part of their world tour. Plans for a canal cruise leaked out after which thousands of fans gathered along the quays and bridges to see the group.

The world tour was almost cancelled due to the health problems of drummer Ringo Starr. During a photo session in London he collapsed due to overtiredness. The well-known session drummer Jimmy Nicol was to replace Ringo for the time being and went to Amsterdam with him.

Beatles fans in the water

A number of fans jumped into the canal, trying to reach the canal boat. One fan managed to reach the boat and shake hands with a few Beatles, before he was put back on the quay by the police.

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