The battle against Loekasjenko's regime

On 24 May 2020, the first fairly small-scale demonstration began after it became known that President Lukashenko wanted to enforce a sixth term. Demonstrations increased on a large scale after Lukashenko was declared the winner of the elections on 10 August. The United Nations subsequently issued a statement in which it did not consider the result to be legitimate.

Photographer Remco Koers went to Minsk to portray the opponents of the regime. He also witnessed some of the many demonstrations.

Uliana and her family

Uliana with her children. Uliana was an independent observer during the elections and saw with her own eyes that fraud was taking place. Commissioners, for example, were forced to sign false forms. Uliana is taking part in the protests because she does not want her children to grow up in a country ruled by fascism.


A portrait of Nadzeya (34), an artist from Minsk. She thinks that the laws and regulations are only used to punish the people. The police are very violent and mistreat opponents in prison. People are dismissed because of their political affiliation. Nadzeya wants to live in a country where the law applies to everyone, where people are allowed to have their own opinions and where elections are transparent and fair.

Victoria en Mikhail

These are Victoria and Mikhail, both 40 years old. They are protesting against the Lukashenko regime because they want to live in a country where human rights are respected. They have high hopes that the people will soon be able to elect a new president. 


A portrait of Dimitri Ziazulchyk, he takes part in the weekly protests. According to Dimitri, Lukashenko treats his own people like slaves and does what he wants. As far as Dimitri is concerned, this time is over.

"With these stories and portraits, I wanted to show, in an intimate way, the fierce situation in which the Belarusian people find themselves. In order to give a face to the protest movement. At a time when the international press is being rejected, it is important to bring out their story'.

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