Conflict in Eastern Congo

Eastern Congo has been unsettled for years. The civil war in the Democratic Republic of Congo had officially ended in 2003, but peace has not been established in the east of the country to this day. The current resurgence of the conflict began in November 2021 with rebel attacks on army positions. By November 2022, at least 260,000 civilians have been displaced. The British photographer Hugh Kinsella Cunningham is in Congo and with his series War and Peace in Congo he portrays the different layers of the conflict.
Congolese army troops at dusk on the Congo-Rwanda border.
Children play in the mountains of Virunga in the Rutshuru area, where the Congolese army and rebels are fighting.
Vehicles from the UN peacekeeping mission in Congo drive past the village of Rugari in North Kivu province.
An association of military widows is leaving an event to pay compensation to the wives of soldiers of the Congolese army who fell in the fight against the rebel group M23.
An aerial view of civilians fleeing the M23 rebels, in the Rutshuru area, to arrive in the city of Goma on May 25, 2022.
Civilians who have fled their villages in the Rutshuru area because of the fighting with the M23 rebel group. They have sought refuge in the city of Kibumba.
Congolese soldiers injured fighting M23 rebels in the Rutshuru area are recovering at the military hospital in Katindo.
June 1, 2022 - Congolese army troops outside the town of Bunagana, five days before the town fell to the advance of M23 rebels.
Troops from the United Nations peacekeeping mission in Congo patrol the front lines of the M23 conflict in the Rutshuru area.
The lights of an armored vehicle reflect on a girl in a crowd in Kiwanja town.
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