Prince carnival of Dommelbaorzedurp

For more than sixty years, the North Brabant municipality of Vught has been called Dommelbaorzedurp during carnival. The carnival village has been given this name because Vught is located between these two points: the river Dommel and the De Baarzen district. In the run-up to the multi-day party, photographer Marcel Krijgsman follows Prince Carnival of Dommelbaorzedurp in a number of his activities. View the preparations of Prince Alfredo XXI for carnival 2023 in Vught in this overview.

Prince Alfredo XXI receives carnival club the Bambergers

January 21, 2023. In the town hall of Vught, Prince Alfredo XXI receives the Oeteldonk carnival club the Bambergers. For this occasion, Prince Carnival wears his official prince outfit, which is special because it can normally only be worn during Carnival.

Meeting with the mayor of Vught

January 17, 2023. A meeting with the mayor of Vught, Roderick van de Mortel. Then the coming carnival activities were discussed with part of his entourage.
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