Through the lens of Manon Bruininga

Photographer Manon Bruininga has been represented by the Hollandse Hoogte photo agency for more than five years and since 2018 by the ANP. From portraits to reports and street photography. Manon depicts subjects with a registering, observing eye and with a love for people. In 2019 she was nominated for the Jos van Leeuwen Audience Award and since 2021 she has been a selected member of Women Photograph. In five years a collection of nearly ten thousand photographs has been created. In this overview we highlight a number of images from this Nijmegen photographer.
Op 10 januari heeft Manon het Duitse dorp Lutzerath in beeld gebracht. Activisten in het 'bruinkooldorp' niet ver van Roermond, voerden actie voor het klimaat en tegen de winning en het gebruik van vervuilende bruinkool.
The prestigious Spanish Riding School is the oldest surviving driving school in the world. The institute was first mentioned in 1565 and is included in the Unesco World Heritage List. The riding school was started to teach the noble youth of the imperial family how to ride horses, and horses were also trained as showpieces for the high court nobility. In 2019, Manon photographed behind the scenes of the riding school during the two-hour morning dressage and in the Baroque riding hall.
More images from Manon Bruininga


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