A year of war in Ukraine

February 24 marks one year since the Russians invaded neighboring Ukraine. According to the UN, more than 8 million people have fled Ukraine since the war began and more than 7,000 civilians have died, according to official UN figures. In this overview we show a year of war in Ukraine in twenty photos. With images by Wolfgang Schwan, Emilio Morenatti, Roman Pilipey and Dimitar Dilkoff, among others.
Fotograaf Wolfgang Schwan maakte deze foto van schooljuf Olena Kurilo. Hij fotografeerde haar met een bebloed gezicht nadat haar appartementencomplex in de regio Charkov was geraakt door een raket. Op de eerste dag van de oorlog. Deze foto ging de hele wereld over en gaf een eerste gezicht aan de oorlog.
A Ukrainian civilian soldier outside the airport in Mykolaiv on the day Russia invaded Ukraine. Photo: Tyler Hicks
De Oekraïense president Zelenski spreekt via verschillende kanalen geregeld het volk toe. Dit is een videofragment van 25 februari 2022. Foto: AFP / Handout Ukraine Presidency
Fleeing Ukrainians crowd under a destroyed bridge near the Irpin River in the outskirts of Kiev. Photo: Emilio Morenatti
Aleksander says goodbye to his daughter Anna on the platform of Kiev station. He stays behind to fight for Ukraine. More than 8 million people have fled. Many of them fled by train to neighboring countries. Photo: Emilio Morenatti
Een zwangere vrouw wordt door hulpverleners op een brancard gedragen kort nadat het kinderziekenhuis, in de Oekraïense havenstad Marioepol, op 9 maart 2022 werd getroffen door een luchtaanval. Foto: Evgeniy Maloletka
Explosion in an apartment building in the port city of Mariupol.
The statue of the Italian poet and philosopher Dante Alighieri is one of many statues protected from Russian attacks by sandbags in Ukraine. Photo: Vadim Ghirda
In the Ukrainian city of Kharkov, among others, people are sheltering in underground metro stations. Photo: Felipe Dana
Ukrainian soldiers fire an M77-howitzer at the front in the Donetsk region. Photo: Ivor Prickett
Refugee families, among others, arrive at the central station of Kramatorsk in the Donbas region. Photo: Fadel Senna
Relatives of a fallen Ukrainian soldier mourn at his funeral in Mykolaiv. Photo: Diego Ibarra Sanchez
A destroyed office building in Mykolaiv. Photo: Evgeniy Maloletka
A man surrounded by aid workers after an attack in a shopping mall in Kharkiv on April 16, 2022.
People walk around destroyed Russian military vehicles on display in the center of Kiev. Photo: Evgeniy Maloletka
A man falls to the ground after an explosion caused by a drone strike. Photo: Yasuyoshi Chiba
During a power outage in Borodyanka in the Kiev region, a woman looks out her window while holding a candle. Photo: Emilio Morenatti
Ukrainian artillery at Bachmut in the Donetsk region. Photo: Libkos
A portrait of Russian President Vladimir Putin lies on the floor at the local prison in Kherson. Photo: Efrem Lukatsky
A Ukrainian soldier looks up from a captured Russian tank on the frontline in the Donetsk region. Photo: Libkos
365 days of war in Ukraine


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