Artificial intelligence at ANP Foto


ANP receives tens of thousands of photos every day from photographers and agents from the Netherlands and abroad. We want to make all these photos searchable for our customers with predictable and meaningful search options. We do this with the support of artificial intelligence (AI).


Our artificial intelligence assesses all incoming photos on various characteristics. We use the resulting metadata to provide relevant search options to our customers. These search options are partly or entirely created with artificial intelligence.

For example, it is possible to find specific famous people ('Joe Biden'), to choose a type of image ('royalty') or certain objects in a photo ('sunglasses'). ) to search. Even if they are not in the description of the photo.


ANP realizes that there are risks associated with using artificial intelligence. Especially in journalistic photography, we think we should be restrained. Our captions, our journalistic considerations, and our photo choices are never driven or influenced by artificial intelligence. The

ANP does not offer AI-generated photos. All photos we take comply with the News Photography Rules. We only use AI afterwards to make photos easier to find once published.

We also realize that artificial intelligence is not flawless. Sometimes people in a photo are incorrectly recognized. Sometimes the assigned keywords are incorrect or inappropriate. Humans make mistakes, so does artificial intelligence.

The model we use has been trained by the ANP and we take responsibility for it. Nevertheless, we accept that very occasionally it produces incorrect results. We monitor whether the assigned metadata is correct and we correct errors if we find them.

Signing out and report errors

Although we monitor whether the artificial intelligence makes errors, we would like to hear if you have encountered errors.

Read more about the person recognition here and how you can opt out if you wish.

Storage of data and privacy

Personal recognition is only allowed under strict conditions (see this information (in Dutch). ANP meets these conditions as standard. Our artificial intelligence, including personal recognition, runs on a server that is not accessible to third parties. The software is located on a server in the EU that is subject to Dutch and European legislation


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