Press photography since 1946

Since its founding in 1934, ANP stands for independent, fact-checked news. Every media partner can build their own platform on our product.

Photography has long been part of our operation. In 1946 we started ANP Foto, the leading pressphoto agency in The Netherlands.

Photo agency Hollandse Hoogte joined ANP Foto in 2018. We now represent almost 100 million images. We add about 50.000 new images from all over the world to our database every day.

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Foto, video, infografieken, illustratie

Our core team of photographers covers the news every day and non-stop. Additionally, hundreds of photographers upload images covering a wide variety of topics, like regional news, illustrative images, sports, entertainment and so much more. We also carry video, infographics and court room sketches.


ANP Foto represents international agencies like EPA, Agence France Presse and Associated Press, but also stock agencies like EyeEm and premium brands like Magnum Photos and l'Agence Vu.

Team ANP Foto

Our team of 40 professionals produces new images, processes your orders and does research for you every day.
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