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There are rules for submitting photos to ANP Foto and managing an image bank. Rules with which we work together - editorial staff, photographers, production, sales - to ensure that we manage the image bank professionally. Photos therefore meet our standards, captions meet journalistic standards, keywords and tags help customers find the right photos and do not get in the way of customers.

Below are the rules for uploading photos in the ANP image bank. The image productions department of the ANP monitors follow-up and will address photographers where things go wrong or can be improved. It can and will proceed to hand out yellow or red cards (temporary or permanent exclusion from the image bank) if these working agreements are violated.

1. Content of the photos

This principle is always central: the journalistic integrity and credibility of an ANP news photo should never be called into question. In other words: an ANP/Hollandse Hoogte photo is always 'true'.

When staging photos, a distinction can be made between (somewhat) directing a subject and staging a photo moment in advance (devising a news topic). If a photo is staged it is an illustration, this must be in the caption. (Even if the photographer herself or daughter, son, neighbor, etc. is in the photo.) Be transparent. Never leave room for misunderstanding.

Don't upload nearly identical photos of a subject. Make a relevant edit. If we find that a series is too large, contains too much of the same, we will discuss this with the photographer, with the request to adjust the selection. If this happens too often, the photographer will frustrate the system and unfortunately we can only proceed to hand out yellow or red cards

Do not use ANP services such as the image bank if you have not adhered to the rules of journalistic traffic or the space of the law. To give an example: if you are not allowed to drone somewhere, do not put those images in the image bank. Common sense and a professional attitude are leading here.

2. Time and date

Controleer de datum en tijd van je camera en zorg dat deze goed staat. Het importeren van beelden met een beelddatum (inclusief tijd) die later is dan de importdatum is een vorm van het verdraaien van de werkelijkheid en is niet toegestaan. Foto's met foutieve datum of tijd kunnen we niet langer tolereren in de beeldbank. Simpel gesteld: de tijd moet gewoon kloppen.

Denk ook aan het aanpassen van de tijd in je camera bij het ingaan van zomertijd (voorjaar: klok 1 uur vooruit) en wintertijd (najaar: klok 1 uur achteruit).

3. Photo Editing

In the field of photo editing, we distinguish between image manipulation and image editing. By image manipulation we mean the addition and/or removal of certain image elements, as a result of which the content of the photo changes. This is strictly prohibited. There is only one exception to the rule, namely the removal of dust particles that are on the sensor. Such dusts may be erased if necessary.

By image editing we mean all technical actions with which we make a photo qualitatively and therefore often also substantively stronger. In many cases, photo editing is desirable or even necessary; after all, many news photos are taken under poor lighting conditions. If in doubt, always contact the photo editors.

4. What requirements must a photo meet?

JPG, preferably baseline compression. NO RAW, unless agreed in advance.

The file is as large as possible, allowing for the speed of your connection.

Colour profile: Adobe RGB 1998 or SRGB. NO CMYK.

Always fill out these fiels:

TitleFirst Fyra leaves the Netherlands
AuthorYour name
CaptionSee paragraph 5.
LocationCity and country (use Netherlands instead of Holland)
CreditUse the source and the end of the caption as follows: ANP / Hollandse Hoogte / Firstname Lastname.

5. Caption Rules

Think of the four W's (who, what, where and why). The 'where' is the place and is at the beginning with any supplement in sentence. The "why" usually comes in the second sentence.

You can add keywords in the metadata if it's important that customers can find your photo with that term but the word isn't in the caption.

Limit your amount of keywords to 25 pieces and make sure they are actually relevant. So no Maxima as a keyword for a photo on which it is not included.

(NB The words in the caption are already recognized by our system as a keyword, so they no longer have to be added separately in the keyword field).

Keep it compact. Do not paste half press releases or wikipedia pages in the caption. In any case, you write your caption yourself, otherwise it is plagiarism. Here too, standard principles such as common sense and a professional attitude apply.

Do not use a time indication, so do not write Tuesday or today in the caption

Do not use accents and punctuation marks (except for the dash -).

6. Rules of conduct

We work with our photographers on the basis of clear agreements. Agreements that we record in an agreement. We have two types of agreements: one for commissioned work for the editors and one for submitting images to the image bank.

It is not necessary to conclude an agreement for the creation of assignments for the Creative Content department - commercial assignments that fall outside the responsibility of the editors. We make agreements with the photographer about the conditions for each assignment.

For everyone who works at or for the ANP, we comply with the law and that we take the photos within the limits of the law. If in doubt, consult.


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