What can I do with a picture?

When a photographer takes a photo, rules and laws apply. This is also the case when you license a photo of ANP.

You purchase a license from ANP for the use of a photo. That license regulates where you can use the photo, for how long and in which context. You take out this license when purchasing a single photo. Even if the company where you work has a subscription to ANP photos, their use is subject to a license that was established when the contract was concluded.

In principle, a news photo can be used in a news context. The use of a news photo in a context for which it is clearly not intended is not automatically allowed.

You may not use a news photo in a commercial context such as an advertising message, unless you have explicit permission from ANP.

If persons are depicted in the photos, portrait rights may apply. You are responsible for obtaining permission from the person or persons portrayed if portrait rights apply. Realize that the context can be very important for the people depicted. For example, you cannot just use a news photo to profile someone ethnically.

The license that you take out is for a one-off publication, unless you have made other agreements with the ANP about this. If you want to use the photo again, you must purchase a new license from the ANP. You may not save the photo in your own system after publication.

For more information about the use of ANP photos: fotoverkoop@anp.nl.

ANP acts against detected abuse.


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